A2 Strain-rate dependent composite behavior of fiber reinforcement in mineral-based matrices

Doctoral Researcher
Enrico Wölfel

Principal Investigator
Christina Scheffler

in cooperation with
Viktor Mechtcherine

Project poster
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AR-glass fiber surface properties and pullout behavior
© Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden

From left to right: SEM image – PVA initial fiber before and after finish extraction; High-dynamic pull-out; PVA initial fiber/concrete – Comparison quasi-static and high-dynamic pull-out

The aim of this project is the achievement of the fundamental understanding of the damaging mechanisms in fiber-matrix interphases during low and high-rate loading. In particular, the processes leading from fiber debonding to fiber failure are in the focus. From the perspective of material science, the role of the fiber material itself, the nature of the fiber surface and the structure of the mineral-based matrix in the boundary layer of impact-resistant concrete composites should be clarified.

Furthermore, concepts for a tailored interphase design to increase the impact resistance of fiber-reinforced concrete need to be developed.

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