A4 Experimental characterization of the mechanical behavior of anisotropic and strain-hardening composites under impact loading

Doctoral Researcher
Ali Assadzadeh Heravi

Principal Investigator
Viktor Mechtcherine

in cooperation with
Hans-Gerd Maas 

Project poster
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Cracked SHCC specimen after an impact tensile test in the Hopkinson bar
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This part of the project deals with the development of test concepts and experimental techniques for adequately determining the stress-strain relationship of anisotropic, ductile and strain-hardening composites with mineral-based matrices under tensile, compressive and shear impact loads.

The experiments are accompanied by the characterization of defects on the microstructural level (crack propagation) by means of morphological investigations and model descriptions of the mechanical behavior of selected composites.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

  • Heravi, A.A., Curosu, I., Mechtcherine, V.: A gravity-driven split Hopkinson bar for in-vestigating quasi-ductile and strain-hardening cement-based composites under tensile loading. Cement and Concrete Composites, vol. 105 (2020) art. 103430.
  • Trindade, A.C.C., Heravi, A.A., Curosu, I., Liebscher, M., Mechtcherine, V.: Tensile behavior of strain-hardening geopolymer composites (SHGC) under impact loading. Cement and Concrete Composites (2020) – in press
  • Heravi, A.A., Fuchs, A., Gong, T., Curosu I., Kaliske, M., Mechtcherine, V.: Mechanical characterization of textile reinforced cementitious composites under impact tensile loading using the split Hopkinson tension bar. Cement and Concrete Composites (2020) – under review

Other Publications

  • Heravi, A.A., Smirnova, O., Mechtcherine, V.: Effect of Strain Rate and Fiber Type on Tensile Behavior of High-Strength Strain-Hardening Cement-Based Composites (HS-SHCC). In: Mechtcherine, V. et al. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 4th International RILEM Conference on Strain Hardening Cementitious Composites SHCC4, Dresden, Germany, RILEM S.A.R.L. Publications, 2017.
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