A5 Strengthening of plane RC elements against impact on the impact-far side

Doctoral Researcher
Marcus Hering

Principal Investigator
Manfred Curbach

in cooperation with
Michael Kaliske

Project poster
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Damage extent in impacted concrete element without and with strengthening layers on the rear side
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Backside of normal concrete slabs after drop-weight tower tests; Left to right: unreinforced, with additional reinforcement made of steel, or carbon fiber layers

The goal of the project is to demonstrate the fundamental performance of flat reinforcement layers made of carbon or steel filament rovings embedded in cementitious matrices as strengthening layer. Initially, systematic experimental investigations have to be carried out in order to produce a broad data base for further consideration.

Particular attention is paid to the damage process and the degree of damage and the expected membrane effect of the reinforcing layer. The observed phenomena are depicted in a physically based engineering model (multi-mass oscillator). Recommendations for constructive details and the definition of application limits complete the project.

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Other Publications

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