A6 Strengthening of plane RC elements against impact on the impacted side

Doctoral Researcher
Saeid Zabihi Moghaddam

Principal Investigator
Manfred Curbach
Silke Scheerer

in cooperation with
Edeltraud Günther

Different protective concepts on the impacted side: massive protective structures; damping in nature; deformable thin walled structures
© (left) Silke Scheerer; (middle) Manfred Curbach; (right) autokon.de/forschung

Various impact layers (from left to right): damping by a lot of material in a protective construction; Elastic, foam-like material of the shell protects the inner life of a fruit; Light honeycomb-like structure for energy dissipation in a sill

As far as the intended scope is concerned, the systematic treatment of the knowledge existing from nature and other disciplines is still lacking. In order to use this potential, the state of knowledge must be comprehensively prepared at the beginning of the project.

The mechanisms found are evaluated for their applicability to energy-absorbing strengthening layers for dynamic load scenarios relevant to construction. Based on this, adaptation and further development of selected variants and their experimental testing are accompanied by numerical simulation.